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Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. They’re more than just words.

We believe diversity fuels creative insights, equity unlocks opportunity, and inclusion drives growth and innovation to power the markets of the future. Our commitment centers on our global workforce, ensuring that our people are empowered to bring their whole selves to work – but it doesn’t stop there. We strive to better reflect and serve the communities in which we live and work, and advocate for greater opportunity for all.

Our Core Values

At the core of our intelligence is our people. We work to make every colleague feel valued and respected for who they are and for the essential contributions they make to our company. Inclusion is critical to our business success and our understanding of the world around us.

Douglas L. Peterson

President and Chief Executive Officer

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Our people are our most essential asset.

S&P Global’s success relies on the intelligence and acumen of the people behind the insights we deliver. Engagement with the world around us, having a culture where innovation thrives and operating successfully in highly interconnected markets can only happen with a workforce that reflects these very same ideals.

Talent Acquisition

S&P Global takes extensive measures to ensure that hiring practices attract the widest, most diverse talent pool.

Mentoring and Connecting Colleagues

Operating on five continents, S&P Global has built a network of colleagues who foster our mentoring culture.

Professional Development

We work to develop the knowledge, skills and leadership capabilities of each of our people through e-learning courses and instructor-led classes.

Our passion is creating a workplace where all of our people can thrive.

It’s been said that diversity is the mix and inclusion is maximizing the mix. At S&P Global, we take action in both areas so that each colleague has the opportunity to reach their full potential. In a company-wide, global survey in 2020, 88% agreed that “I can be myself at work."

Celebrating Diversity and Leadership

Our inclusive work environment is a hallmark of S&P Global. We recognize and celebrate our colleagues who champion this collaborative spirit.

Engaging our People

People Resource Groups (PRGs) impact thousands of colleagues who come together based on shared life and career experiences to foster professional development, and support business success and community engagement.

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Collaboration fuels our progress.

Our impact on the marketplace extends beyond our Company. We partner with organizations that lift up the next generation of diverse leaders and we support diverse business owners. The market has recognized our efforts globally, including earning spots on the 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers rankings in India and the United States.

Valued Sponsorships and Partnerships

As a global company, we invest in partnerships that inspire our colleagues around the world.

Supplier Diversity

Our efforts to promote diversity and inclusion extend to our supply chain, where we strive to partner with minority, women, veteran and LGBTQ+ owned businesses and suppliers.

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Our Global Workforce

Hiring great people from a wide range of backgrounds ignites the power of diversity, activating collaboration and unleashing a variety of perspectives, innovative ideas and unique solutions that make our business stronger.

  • Annette O'Hanlon Chief Corporate Responsibility and Diversity Officer
    At S&P Global, we understand the importance of our workforce reflecting our customers and the places where we live and work. Diversity, and the different perspectives it brings to the table, helps foster innovation and creativity, and makes our company, our colleagues and our communities stronger.

People Resource Groups

S&P Global proudly supports nine People Resource Groups (PRGs) at the organization to support the acquisition, engagement and development of diverse talent.

Honoring Hispanic and Latine Communities
Build leadership competencies and increase opportunities for success and impact for Hispanic/Latino employees and their supporters.

Asian Professionals for Excellence
Build leadership competencies and increase opportunities for success and impact for Pan-Asian employees and their supporters.

Black Organizations for Leadership and Development
Attract, retain, and promote black colleagues, with a focus on providing career development and skills-building opportunities at every career stage.

Advancing Multicultural Diversity
Fostering professional growth through collaborative learning to strengthen conscious inclusion and maximize the value of our multicultural diversity.

Advocating for Working Parents and Caregivers
Foster and promote PRG strategic alignment, leadership excellence and member empowerment to enable career-minded parents, caregivers, and their supporters.

Celebrating LGBTQ+ Communities
Maintain a supportive work environment in which LGBTQ+ employees are able to reach their full potential.

Championing People with Disabilities
Build leadership competencies and increase opportunities for success and impact for employees impacted by disabilities and their supporters.

Veterans and Allies Leading for Organization Results
Foster and promote leadership excellence and member empowerment for military veteran employees and their supporters.

Women's Initiative for Networking and Success
Accelerate personal and professional growth by empowering women to be the best version of themselves.

Featured PRG Events

APEX Dynamic Discussions Provide a Safe Forum to Share Experiences and Insights

Since its inception in 2007, APEX has played an increasingly larger role in attracting and retaining colleagues of Asian descent to S&P Global as the company’s physical presence in the Asia-Pacific region has grown. Through workshops, senior leader speaker series and training sessions that expose colleagues to experts in business success in Asia-Pacific, APEX is known for delivering high quality content that deepens market understanding and cultural agility and appreciation, and in today’s environment, a safe forum to share experiences. Through APEX Dynamic Discussions, colleagues can safely engage with others, share views, and provide each other with the support and resources to combat racism, violence, harassment and the bullying of minority groups that many have been experiencing in their communities.

BOLD Peer Development Circles Offer Advocacy, Mentorship and Professional Development

One of the first People Resource Groups formed in 2006, BOLD helps build leadership competencies and increases opportunities for personal and professional growth, success and impact for Black colleagues. As one of its key programs, the Peer Development Circle provides an opportunity for mentorship across the organization and at all levels, enabling Black colleagues to coach one another and share their experiences with a specific goal of professional development.

VALOR Book Discussion Provides Practical Tools and Insights for Veterans in the Workplace

The VALOR People Resource Group is focused on supporting veteran employees and military family members and assists veterans and their spouses in their transition from the military to the civilian workplace. Through mentorship, coaching, events and discussions, VALOR provides an opportunity for veterans to engage, coach and learn from outside experts and each other. A recent event on wellness featured a discussion with Dr. Shauna Springer, psychologist and renowned author of WARRIOR: How to Support Those Who Protect Us. Moderated by VALOR leaders, Dr. Springer provided practical insights and tools on how veterans and others can support each other at work and in their personal lives.

Awards & Recognition

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