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China in Focus

Torn between confrontation and collaboration, China continues to experience economic growth despite secular challenges in real estate and banking.

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    A number of unresolved conflicts and competitions will be sources of geopolitical risk in 2023. Lead among these is a de-risking between US and mainland China.

    Geopolitical Risk

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S&P Global developed and patented solution that provides daily and quantifiable time series sentiment on the China market.

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A changing world requires new insights, new analysis, and new approaches. The impact of geopolitical events, supply chain issues, health crises, and a changing climate is never confined to a single sector or market. Our clients require expertise and analysis that looks at the big picture.

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August 24, 2023
China’s global reach grows behind critical minerals

China’s reach is quietly growing behind minerals critical to a wide range of products that will shape the future. Facing more restrictive foreign investment policies in developed markets, Chinese firms are pursuing such key minerals as lithium and cobalt in other locations.

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China in Transition

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China’s economic expansion has been largely driven by debt-fueled investment in the past decade. As growth slows, the country is transiting to another stage of its development. Our series looks at the risks and opportunities of China’s journey.

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China Power Crisis

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Chinese provinces have implemented power rationing and diverted electricity to critical sectors due to coal shortages and to meet energy intensity targets. China’s tight energy supply for winter and its impact on downstream industries are in focus.